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Get paid online or in-person. Whether you need online invoicing, a customized checkout for your website, or a crypto payment device for processing on-the-go transactions, we have a solution for your business.

1% Processing fee
Zero Currency exchange risk.
Zero Chargebacks – Stop Losing Money
Secure POS terminal for retails

Easy Crypto Processing Solutions for Every Merchant

On your website

Accept payments from online customers at checkout.

By Email

Easily create and send electronic invoices.

In Store

Accept payments at your retail shop or restaurant.

Get paid get paid in cryptocurrency on your website, by email, in your store or on-the-go

Lightning-fast global payments

You can send and receive blockchain payments to Bit2Q invoices in minutes from hundreds of supported countries.

Zero price volatility

Receiving a blockchain payment? Bit2Q shields you from the price volatility of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. You get every payments of what your charge, minus 1%.

No Chargebacks & Frauds

Cryptocurrency payments are irreversible, There is no risk of chargebacks, credit card frauds or scams

Quick bank settlement

Once your payment is confirmed, Bit2Q will settle your funds to your bank account via International Bank Wire & SEPA Transfer

Bit2Q Crypto Payment plugins for e-commerce platforms

Available plugins for most popular eCommerce solutions

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